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Look and feel fabulous everyday!

Discover the secrets to mastering your distinctive Elegant Style flawlessly, without any errors. Say goodbye to wasted time, unnecessary expenses, and the frustration of a cluttered closet!

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Look and feel fabulous everyday!
Discover the secrets to mastering your distinctive Elegant Style flawlessly, without any errors. Say goodbye to wasted time, unnecessary expenses, and the frustration of a cluttered closet!
Welcome to my world
I am a mentor and thought leader of feminine self-worth,
Parisian elegance and aspirational lifestyle.
Get ready to embark on an extraordinary voyage through the captivating chapters of my life's story. While I have shared fragments of my story with you over the years, now you have the opportunity to delve into the complete narrative, encompassing every chapter and revelation.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the essence of my life, as I unveil the remarkable story that has shaped me into the person I am today.
I am Irina Sergeeva, a mentor and thought leader in the realm of feminine self-worth, Parisian elegance and aspirational lifestyle. I’m here to help you level up, so that you can live the fabulous life you always longing for.

With a strong passion for personal growth and continuous self-improvement, I have founded E-Boutiques: French Perfumery House and Paris Fashion USA Shop in 2021. My desire to promote life-scaling skills for women has led me to create the flagship YouTube Channel "Irina Sergeeva Official". Here, I share my expertise and insights on topics that hold deep meaning to me.

Through these ventures, I am dedicated to guiding individuals on their journey of attracting the right partner, setting healthy boundaries, fostering personal growth, embracing feminine energy, boosting self-esteem and curating a fashion and style routine that reflects their unique essence.
I currently live in the United States, Florida with my husband. When I am not sharing and educating through my various platforms, I can be found living my best life at the riding stables, traveling and spending quality time with those I value the most.

You can connect with me and my community via my social channels and products to educate yourself on femininity, elegance and personal improvement. You will also find below my complete backstory of how I got from the unglamorous and awkward suburbs of Siberia, Russia to my international life as a globally-renowned expert on elegance, upscale transformations and leveling up in the United States with no special skills or connections.
My story
I'm originally from Siberia, Russia, and had a unique upbringing in a strict household. Despite missing out on typical teenage experiences, I excelled academically and was considered beautiful and active in high school. I had the opportunity to live in different cities and attend various schools, which had a positive impact on my life.

In my 20s, I focused on traveling and partying to make up for what I felt I missed out on. However, deep down,
I knew there was more to life. I entered the most prestigious university: Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia(MGIMO), studying Management in the fuel and energy complex. The university environment was luxurious, filled with students from influential backgrounds.
Notable MGIMO alumni include: Sergei Lavrov, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Irina Bokova, former General Director of UNESCO, billionaires Alisher Usmanov, Vladimir Potanin and etc.

The MGIMO trustees are Russian high-ranking officials and public figures, mostly MGIMO's alumni, as well as Russian and foreign leaders of business and philanthropic community (such as Ingvar Kamprad, the IKEA founder, and Frederik Paulsen, chairman of the board of directors of Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in Lausanne.
In Russia, my parents provided me with a life of luxury and privilege. However, the corruption in the country forced me to leave everything behind and start new in the USA. Alone in a foreign land, I faced countless challenges and had to adapt to a different cultures and way of life. Remembering my mother's words of strength and elegance, I persevered. Attending social events in American high society opened my eyes to the concept of quiet luxury and old money trend. Realizing my lack of knowledge, I invested in myself and became a certified Modeling expert,Personal brand maker,Elegance expert and Vogue Club Member.

Being a member of Vogue Club gave me exclusive access to haute couture fashion events and the finest expert advice. Among the elite, I learned the importance of nobility, modesty, and grace in difficult situations. Graduating from a prestigious online school by Marina Mogilko “MMarketing” in the USA, I became a certified specialist in the field of developing a personal brand and embracing the principles of building your image, living the best life, being present at the moment. Despite the absence of any support, I continued to uphold my elegance and style while pursuing personal growth and success.
If you're yearning for a life that truly reflects your deepest desires... if you hunger for a higher level of quality and fulfillment... if you sense that you've outgrown your current circumstances, be it your lifestyle, career, friendships, or something else... or if you simply find yourself uncertain about the next steps to take... take comfort, you've arrived at the perfect destination! Right here, right now, you hold the incredible power to script the forthcoming chapters of your life's extraordinary tale.
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Are you ready for a transformative journey?
Subscribe to my flagship YouTube Channel, "Irina Sergeeva Official", where I reveal Elite Woman Secrets. Discover the keys to personal empowerment, fulfillment and joy they don’t want you to know.

When I embarked on my journey to transform my image and elevate my wardrobe, I believed I had it all figured out. But little did I know, there was so much more to discover.

It was a transformative experience when I decided to take a leap and enroll in Vogue Club and graduate from a prestigious online schools: by Marina Mogilko “MMarketing” and by Elina Fedorova "Modeling school"in the USA, I became a certified specialist in the field of developing a personal brand and embracing the principles of building your image, living the best life.

These knowledge opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities, revealing that I had much to learn about finding the right look for myself.

Now, as you're reading this, you may be reflecting on your own wardrobe and the collection of timeless, elegant pieces you believe you possess.

My passion for noble personal development and vision of promoting life-scaling skills for women inspired me to become an Ambassador of MERAKI ALLURE brand, where I share my expertise and insights on topics that are close to my heart.

To create the finest quality clothing and accessories that align with the client's passion and style while using sustainable approaches and avoiding the environmental impacts of fast fashion. MERAKI ALLURE entire team from leadership to the manufacturers uphold great pride and genuine care for our environment to the wellbeing of the clients they serve.

The finest things in life help us find not only a wealth of knowledge on how to cultivate your inner confidence, but also embrace your unique feminine style, qualities and develop an aspirational lifestyle that aligns with your values and goals.

Now ladies, you can start new chapter by joining Exclusive MERAKI ALLURE Club using my discount code IRINA10 to GET 10% OFF on all fashion collections, professional styling services and Club Memberships.

I teach women how to develop a more refined personal presence and lifestyle, how to transform themselves, so they can feel confident in going for their goals and living aspirational life.
Who can I help?
I want to help you unlock your potential, create a stylish wardrobe, increase self-confidence and achieve success in your personal and professional life.

⚜️Individuals seeking stylish and fashionable dressing to enhance appearance and express individuality.

⚜️People insecure about physical appearance, desiring skills and knowledge for improved look and confidence.

⚜️Individuals aiming to stand out and attract attention with their unique style and overall look.

⚜️People who want to learn how to properly select and combine clothing, accessories, and footwear to create harmonious and noble style.
But what does that mean to find yourself in an awkward situation, unsure of how to navigate your way out in a classy manner?
⚜️Are overwhelmed every time you go shopping.

⚜️Don’t know which colours or styles suit you.

⚜️Don’t know how to dress for your body type.

⚜️Don’t have access to stylists or image consultants.

⚜️Are on a tight shopping budget.

You can learn how to completely transform your image with ease and go from a Plain Jane to a Style Icon.
As a result of my formal study and 15 years of trial and error, I've discovered that …
The secrets to transforming your image are simple…
Learn the formula on how to identify “yes” and “no” garments. Find the right style, cut, colour and finishing suitable for your complexion, body type and budget. The power of discernment will transform your wardrobe.

Learn the exact techniques on how to categorize your wardrobe essentials to streamline your shopping process and curate an elegant wardrobe with ease.

Apply those industry-exclusive styling secrets that perfectly finish off your chic image.

Know your self-worth by developing your personal brand.

Once you learn how to transform your style, create and project your dream image, you’ll find yourself attracting opportunities, experiences and people you never thought you would have around before!
How would you feel if you suddenly found yourself…:
⚜️Experiencing greater career and business success.

⚜️Getting the right and desired attention from those around you.

⚜️Being able to communicate that you’re an elegant woman without saying a word.

⚜️Effortlessly fitting (and thriving) in any social circle or situation.
I can help you master this simply and easily!
When you complete this 5 module course, you'll be able to...
⚜️Shop effortlessly and with ease for clothes, you’ll actually wear.

⚜️Understand how to dress for your body shape and unique personal style in your best colors.

⚜️Maximize your spending by investing in timeless garments that you’ll be able to wear over and over again.

⚜️Look, dress and live like the elegant woman you truly are!
That's all I share on the course…
Becoming Stylish
  • The Secrets to Style
  • How to curate your style
  • Styling traps
Spend Smart
  • PPW™ Method Explained: Price per wear method
  • Investment Strategies
  • Money traps
Inspect Like A Pro
  • Flattering color & prints
  • Quality fabrics & buttons
  • Details that tell…
Strategic Styling
  • Understand your silhouette
  • How to enhance & conceal
  • Shaping your silhouette
Adding “SPICE”
  • The Energy Edit™
  • The “Special Ingredient” in style
  • SPICE Strategy™
When will you register for my course
Deep understanding of The Energy Edit™
Participants will grasp the concept of The Energy Edit™ and understand how energy influences their style and appearance.
The unique "Special Ingredient" in style
Participants will learn how to add a special ingredient to their style, creating a distinctive image.
SPICE Strategy™
Participants will master the key principles and strategies of SPICE (Style, Presence, Individuality, Confidence, Energy) to develop their style and confidence, going beyond the ordinary and adding a touch of excitement or personality to your outfits or beauty choices.
Creating an impactful wardrobe with The Energy Edit™
Participants will learn to build a wardrobe by selecting key pieces and creating versatile looks using The Energy Edit™ techniques.
Enhancing confidence and presence
Participants will discover how to boost self-confidence through style choices and mindset shifts, as well as learn techniques to enhance their presence and make a lasting impression.
You'll not only save money and time on your clothing and accessories purchases, but you'll learn to make the best wardrobe decisions QUICKLY to save your precious time for other things!

⚜️You’ll enjoy more great looks from fewer pieces.

⚜️No more time-draining mornings figuring out what to wear.

⚜️Accessories now enhance your style in a thoughtful yet impactful way.

Won’t it be wonderful to FINALLY feel fantastic in EVERYTHING you put on?
Join the waitlist and GET 50% OFF
If you're wondering who this course is for…:
It is for you if…

✅ You’re ready to truly complete your style transformation and reach your full physical potential.

✅You’re done wasting time, money and effort on making the same styling mistakes over and over again.

✅ You want me to help you explore a new sense of fashion, learn hidden styling secrets and achieve an elegant image once and for all.

✅You have a desire to know the quiet power of confidence of elite and noble women.

Never Get Caught Off Guard Again!

Discover how to navigate tricky situations involving dress codes, reputation, patience, boundaries and relationships with confidence. Say goodbye to feeling unprepared and vulnerable. Take control of your narrative and embrace the power to thrive in every aspect of your life.

It is NOT for you if…

❌ You don’t want to put in the time, effort and work it takes to evolve your image and achieve your goals. Success doesn’t always happen on the first try!

❌ You aren’t open to change and prefer talking about your dreams rather than taking actionable steps towards them.

❌ You don’t want to take accountability for your actions and hold yourself responsible on your journey of self-transformation.

At the end of the program you'll be able to:
⚜️See your future with new hope, possibility and clarity...even during setbacks.

⚜️Learn to navigate risk and reward as you pursue your lifestyle dreams.

⚜️Be the author of your own elegant destiny and take yourself far beyond your current circumstances.

⚜️​Look, behave and feel as an elite woman that you'll know is inside of you.

⚜️​Breakthrough your self-doubt with confidence and resilience (a winning mindset!).

⚜️​Radiate the powerful feminine energy!

⚜️​Get practical strategies to help you sidestep common traps and remain poised in any challenge.

Would you like to awaken that very best self that lies within you, just waiting to be discovered (or perhaps rediscovered)…

I'm here for you! Let me show you how to fine tune that wonderful self to go for and achieve your goals! (A lot faster than I did.Don’t worry, I'll show you the fast track!)
  • Sarah
    "I cannot express how grateful I am for the styling consultation I received through this program. Not only did I learn how to dress stylishly, but it also helped me boost my self-confidence. The expert advice, personalized recommendations, and practical tips have transformed my wardrobe and how I feel about myself. I now walk with an air of confidence and receive compliments wherever I go!"
  • Melissa
    "I can't express enough how transformative the consultation was for me. The guidance I received on dressing stylishly and boosting my self-confidence was invaluable. I now have a clear understanding of what works best for my body type and how to create stunning outfits. This experience has truly elevated my personal style and given me the confidence to embrace my unique identity."
  • Sophia
    "I had always struggled with my self-image and felt unsure about my fashion choices. But after the consultation, everything changed. The expert advice and practical tips I received helped me unlock my style potential and feel more confident than ever before. Now I walk into any room with a sense of empowerment and receive compliments on my outfits. This experience has been truly life-changing!"
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I invite you to explore the exciting, transformational elite and noble women world.
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